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Why use a mobile service?


  • No more separation anxiety.  Your dog will never leave your driveway, and you don't have to leave the comfort of your home

  • No car rides or loooong days in a grooming shop

  • No barking dogs, loud dryers and cramped cages

  • No exposure to other dogs

  • No bathers and different groomers each time. I will do all the work each and every time


Can you tell me about your grooming van?


My pet salon on wheels comes right to your door with all the comfort and convenience of a grooming shop without the hassle. It is equipped with:


  • Full size bathtub to accommodate most dogs

  • A/C and heat to keep your pet and the groomer comfortable

  • Heated water system

  • Forced air blow dryer (no heating element so it doesn't get too warm)

  • Hydraulic adjustable table so most dogs can easily walk on and off

  • 40 gallon fresh water tank (not re-circulated)

  • Roof fan and windows for ventilation


What is included?


  • Warm bath and massage with all natural products

  • Fluff dry. This will blow out your dog's excess coat and

  • dead skin providing longer lasting results

  • Clean ears and remove hair in ear canal. Excess hair can prevent air flow and trap moisture leading to increased growth of bacteria and possible infection. This is most common in poodles, terriers, schnauzers, etc.

  • Comb out

  • Cut & style

  • Anal gland expression

  • Nail grinding

  • First time complementary Blueberry Facial Scrub. This is a light cleanser with natural exfoliation and hydration properties that won't sting your pup’s eyes


What is the cost for grooming?


Prices are based on the size of the dog, length and condition of the coat, type of cut and temperament of the dog


How long will it take?


In general, most dogs will take about 90 min.


What kind of products do you use?


I use all natural and organic shampoos and conditioners


Can you give me a specific appointment time?


When I book your appointment I will give you a 1 hour window. I don't like to rush your dog through the grooming process and often encounter situations that require a little extra time. I do appreciate your patience and understanding and I will give you a courtesy call if running behind


Do you have treats?














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